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We believe that every person can walk this path to live in a state of joy and authenticity. Whether it’s putting on a t-shirt that feels so good it raises your vibration or visiting our community Dear Mamas to read stories or perhaps share your own, we’re here to support you.

Living in an abundant state of joy

J. Frances is inspired by the belief that our natural state is to be free, well and full of joy. Our founder embarked on the process of clearing away the stories and inner clutter that blocked her from living in this abundant state of joy. The end result? She created a lifestyle company that helps women all around the world have safer pregnancies. 

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T-shirts that feel good;
T-shirts that do good.

 With every t-shirt purchased, J. Frances is able to partially fund the purchase of a handheld ultrasound probe that links to a cell phone. These probes are portable and user-friendly for harsh environments often encountered in developing countries. Our philanthropic consultant has worked on the ground in Africa directly with health clinics and is able to identify communities with the most need. With every x number of shirts sold, we’re able to meet that need quickly and directly.