Seeing Spots

Have you ever become so obsessed with a (insert your preferred topic du jour here: home design; food; fashion) item that you seek it everywhere? No? Right, yes, me neither.

Were I to be one of those obsessive people you would probably be able to identify it by the recurrence of dalmatian print currently taking place in my life. I have a new pair of shoes, a clutch and am now moving on to blanketing my home with the pattern.

This wallpaper is going up as soon as we move into our own home, or, if my landlady is really lucky, I'll grow impatient and just put it up now in our rented condo.

Three yards of this dalmation print fabric are sitting in our guest room waiting to be turned into pillows. You can buy both the fabric and pre-made pillows from Furbish Studio.

And can you stand these chairs? I'm trying not to drool. And apparently I'm not the only one. Elsie at A Beautiful Mess noticed them here.

Just don't tell my husband. I have the sneaking suspicion that he will not share my affinity.