Kitchen Gift Guide

We’re just one short week away from the start of the holiday shopping season. Your holiday season isn’t about shopping? You may be visiting the wrong site.

If there is a chef in your life, get a head start by crossing a few of these items off your list.

For the person deserving of a very special treat, you can’t go wrong with this selection of high-end goodies.

Chelsea Miller’s handmade knives are not cheap, but they’re beautiful and most are one-of-a-kind.

Vitamix. Hands down, the most oft-used tool in my kitchen. If you can afford it, GET IT.

Copper is always a safe bet for an impressive gift and beating egg whites by hand won’t seem so laborious if using this beautiful bowl from Mauviel.

This selection is safely in the realm of reasonable purchases and all part of my arsenal of absolutely favorite, use all of the time items.

What’s up with the spatula you ask? Long and narrow – good for reaching into your new Vitamix and scraping out the last of that green smoothie. Plus, its handle is silicone which means it can go straight into the dishwasher. Wait, you’re still putting wood-handled kitchen tools, knives, etc. in your dishwasher? Stop it right now. Seriously, stop.

If you have been putting your knives in the dishwasher, be sure to make use of Sur La Table's knife sharpening service - at only $5 a blade, it's a bargain if you're not sure how to sharpen them at home.

If none of these gifts strike your fancy, you can’t go wrong with a simple selection of ingredients – think kosher salt, specialty mustards, vinegar and meat. Yes, meat. Fancy cuts, heritage breeds, special order meats are a chef’s dream. Check out Mangalista Pork for the best bacon of your life.