Blue Plate Special

Octopus Plate SBS.jpg

There’s something delightful about a perfectly coherent, completely unmatched table setting.

When I registered for our wedding china, I skipped the soup dishes and salad plates in hopes that I would find unique pieces to create just such a look.

I found the perfect soup bowl about six months after our wedding while flipping through House Beautiful. I was drawn to Alex Hitz's recipe for oyster stew, but I could not stop staring at that bowl.

I searched high and low (at least two google image searches), but could not find the pattern anywhere. A friend reached out to Alex on my behalf and we discovered that the china was made by Royal Crown Derby in 1880 and was discontinued. Even if I could locate a plate here or there, the 130-year-old china would be well out of my price range.

This surprised exactly no one in my life. I have a penchant for falling in love with the most expensive, least attainable items before I realize just how out of reach they are.

While the hunt for soup bowls continues, I recently found the perfect salad plate to add a touch of whimsy to our settings.

These 'From the Deep' octopus plates (pictured above) are not only super attainable (find them online or in-store at any Anthropologie), but they’ll also set you back only $14 a plate.

Now, if I could just get Royal Crown Derby to bring back that pattern...

P.S. Be sure to make Alex's stew. Served in fancy china or not, it is absolutely delicious.