Easy Holiday Party Appetizers

Photography by  Alice Hu  /  @_alicehu

Photography by Alice Hu / @_alicehu

Photography by  Alice Hu  /  @_alicehu

Photography by Alice Hu / @_alicehu

Thanksgiving is upon us and as soon as the turkey leftovers vanish, a seemingly endless line of holiday parties stretches out in front of us, but I'm not complaining!! 

This is my favorite time of year and since it's our first Christmas in our new house, I'm bursting with excitement. Decorations are staged and ready to go up and I'm planning our first holiday open house. Hold me back Santa. There's about to be an explosion of holiday cheer up in here.

I recently put together a spread of super-simple-apps for Evite's Housewarming Party Ideas. These are apps that any stressed out host can manage - perfect for a holiday party. 

In addition to laying out assorted nuts and olives and topping off a wheel of Brie with pepper jelly and crackers, throw together these two recipes and it will look like you spent much more time in the kitchen than you did.

Pears with Prosciutto and Blue Cheese

2 Pears

1 Package sliced prosciutto

1 8 to 12-oz wedge of super creamy blue cheese

1 cup of arugula

Honey to taste

Slice the pears in half and core the centers. Slice each half into wedges lengthwise and lay out on your cutting board. Cut the blue cheese into little rectangles and lay one piece of blue cheese on each pear wedge.

Pick the prettiest arugula leaves and lay one or two on top of the blue cheese. Slice the prosciutto pieces in half lengthwise and wrap one piece around each pear and cheese stack.

Line the pear wedges up on a serving platter and drizzle with honey to taste.


Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

1 Jar of Peppadew Peppers

1 Log of Goat Cheese

3 - 4 Sprigs of Mint

Walnut oil to taste

Drain the Peppadew Peppers. Roll 1 to 2 tablespoons of goat cheese into a little ball and stuff it inside one of the peppers. Repeat with remaining peppers.

To chiffonade the mint - remove the leaves of mint from the stems, stack three or four together at a time and roll them up like a cigar. Slice the rolls thinly into chiffonade. Repeat with remaining leaves.

Line up the peppers on a serving platter, drizzle with walnut oil and sprinkle with the mint.