Fauré Le Page

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So, I have a pretty great husband. Some days I feel that way more than others, but the day I found out he was coordinating the purchase of this bag from the Fauré Le Page boutique in Paris (one of the few places on the planet you can buy one) I knew I had married the right man. Okay, the shared morals and life goals, his killer smile and sick sense of humor count for something too, but come on! Unprompted  purchasing of a rare bag from a foreign country through a traveling co-worker? Bravo hubby, bravo.

Not traveling to Paris or Osaka anytime soon? Try eBay for the occasional Fauré Le Page listing.

The top is by my favorite, Free People. I just picked it up at Off Saks, so if you live near one, you may still be able to find it in stock.