Back to New York

Jacket / Sweater / Jeans / Shoes / Purse

It's been more than four years since I left New York. I jumped on an LA-bound plane the day after I graduated from the French Culinary Institute and this past week was my first time back. I loved living in the city and my time at FCI was easily one of the best experiences of my adult life, but I was ready to be back in Los Angeles. This Angeleno is not built for East Coast winters.

This visit, New York gave me the most perfect Fall weather you could ask for. Leaves changing color, crisp cool air that called for sweaters and beanies, but still totally bearable. I trundled around town in this uniform, visiting The Whitney and eating here and here. The Coconut Iced Coffee at Santina was life changing. They swore up and down that it's nothing more than espresso and coconut milk, but I aint buying it. Too good to be THAT simple.

It was such a treat to be back, see friends and eat amazing food, but more than anything, the trip solidified for me that leaving New York was the right decision. It's a magical city, but it doesn't hold anything for me anymore. I'm happy at home in Sunny Southern California.