Spring Forward

Madewell Top / BR Skirt / Madewell Shoes / Dolce Sunglasses / Red Lip

Did everyone survive the time change this weekend? I definitely feel as though I missed out on some sleep, but in my book, it's completely worth it. Sunshine into the evening, longer days on the horizon and spring just a few short weeks away - definitely worth it.

This crop top from Madewell is barely a crop (just how I like it). It doesn't obviously bare the midriff, but occasionally, if you move in just a certain way, a little skin peeks through. Perfect with a midi skirt for spring.

Time changes always seem like a good time to shake up my morning routine. I'm going to be a little tired and out of whack the first few days anyway, so why not do it right? This morning my husband and I got up 30 minutes early, had coffee together and after he left for work, I got in a quick meditation. Here's hoping it lasts more than a few days as it was a great way to start the day - a nice break from the usual rushing around trying desperately to get out of the house on time to make it into work.