The Best Blanket Coats to Carry You Into Sping

Have you heard the news? It's now fashionable to wear blankets as clothing (try to refrain from breaking into a happy dance).

When I wrote this, I was sitting in an exit row at 28,000 feet wrapped snugly in my new blanket coat from Zara. What could be better than wearing a blanket and still looking presentable? Not to mention, if you're getting on a plane, the length and bulk of them do a great job hiding that airplane bloat when you land. I knew we were planning on taking pictures for this outfit post once we arrived in Portland and I was definitely concerned about that bloat.

Here's a roundup of some of the best blanket coat, scarf and cape options out there. I've included a selection of bargains alongside some beautiful, though more expensive pieces. 

And as for that airplane bloat? See below for some ideas I found on how to avoid it on your next trip.

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5 Ways to Avoid Airplane Bloat

1. Stay hydrated - yes it's important to drink enough water, but even better? Get your water from high-water content foods like cucumbers and watermelon.

2. Get up and move - make sure you get up and move as often as you can, but at least once an hour.

3. Watch your sodium - avoid super salty foods the day before and the day of your flight. For so, so many reasons, just say no to airport to sushi - and probably those in-flight nuts as well.

4. Caffeine - this can be dehydrating so if you can, keep it to a minimum on travel days. I'm sorry to say this is one tip I can't incorporate into my routine. I live for coffee so I just have to double my efforts in other areas.

5. Avoid gas -inducing foods - we're talking broccoli and beans, cauliflower and cabbage and anything else you have already found to contribute to bloating - it's only going to get worse at 28,000 feet.